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About wire rope cable

The use of wire rope cable as top rails and intermediate rails is for guardrail systems only. These are not a tie of point. Please consult OSHA guidelines for proper use.

Safety perimeter setups

As shown in the photo you will see an example of 3/8 7x19 GAC being used as a safety perimeter set up only. These are not used as tie off points unless they are a tight of kit designed by a fall protection manufacture, which we provide. Typically you will see two lines per floor but each build can be different. We are here to help with any questions.

Typical 3/8 7x19 GAC wire rope

3/8 7x19

Wire rope, turnbuckles and wire rope clips are the most common hardware.

other industries

We supply wire rope, chains, cables, ropes, and hardware products to multiple industries including the three listed below.

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