1/2" 1x7 Grade Wire Rope Parking Barrier Cable

1/2 1x7 grade 270 strand USA made and import

Used as barrier cable for parking structures for vehicular and pedestrian restraint along ramps and perimeters, 1/2”-diameter 1X7 grade wire rope consists of one straight center core wire, surrounded by six wires helically stranded around the core.

1x7 strand wire rope yields minimal stretch, making it a suitable wire rope for a safety parking barrier. Galvanized 1x7 wire rope is dipped into molten zinc to form a thick coating before it is drawn through dies to reduce its diameter and increase tensile strength.

Not only does the zinc coating prevent rusting and corrosion, it bonds to steel wires and compresses to form an even more durable layer to increase wire rope strength and load capacity over longer durations.

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