6x19 Grease-Coated Wire Rope (A,B,C, or D Lube) (IWRC IPS, EIPS, or EEIPS)

6x19 IWRC IPS, EIPS or EEIPS (grease-coated A,B,C, or D lube)

For use in lifting and rigging, securement, and general purpose, the 6x19 grease-coated wire rope provides an excellent balance between fatigue and wear resistance. This class comprises either a wire rope core or a fiber core wire rope. The wire rope core is its own wire rope construction, most commonly 7x7, and is known as IWRC (Independent Wire Rope Core), meaning it moves independent to the outer strands.

The 6x19 classification is a good rope for withstanding abrasion or crushing on the drum. The 6x19 wire rope class is made up of six strands of between 16 and 26 wires per strand for additional wire rope strength and durability. The 6x19 features IPS (Improved Plowed Steel), EIPS (Extra Improved Plowed Steel), or EEIPS (Extra Extra Improved Plowed Steel) grade wire rope.

There are two types of wire rope lubricants: penetrating and coating. Coating lubricants (which include greases) penetrate slightly, sealing the outside of the cable from moisture and reducing wear and fretting corrosion from contact with external bodies. Also available in USA-made.

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