Perimeter Protection Base Plates

Base Plates

Base plates provide the foundation of a perimeter safety cable system. They can be welded to structural steel beams at the perimeter of each floor and roof—either in a fabrication shop or in the field.

Perimeter safety base plates feature screw connections to securely fasten perimeter protection posts, corner posts, and other modular perimeter protection products. This saves time, money, and labor by allowing for easy setup, teardown, and re-use of posts. After construction, the base plates become part of the building and can be uncovered for future use as tie-off points.

We offer perimeter safety base plates in a variety of sizes and applications, including standard 5” and 7” base plates, elongated undermount base plates, adhesive-attached base plates, side-mounted base plates, steel deck base plates, multi-use base plates, hollow core plank plates, wall-attached base plates, and steep roof base plates for residential use.

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