6x19 and 6x25 Drill Line Bright Wire Rope

Drill Line Bright 6x19 and 6x25

With a reliable combination of flexibility and wear resistance, the 6x19 wire rope class can be suited to the specific needs of diverse kinds of machinery and equipment. Each strand has nine outer wires over nine smaller inner wires over one large center wire.

With the Seale construction—with its large outer wires—the 6x19 provides great ruggedness and resistance to abrasion and crushing. However, its resistance to fatigue is somewhat less than that offered by a 6x25 construction.

To most wire rope users, 6x19 means 6x25 filler wire. It’s a common rope in the 6x19 class, and possesses the best combination of flexibility and wear resistance due to the filler wires providing support and imparting stability to the strand. The 6x25 also boasts a good balance between both abrasion resistance and fatigue resistance in relation to other ropes.

Unlike galvanized wire rope (zinc coated), the bright class of industrial wire rope is produced without a surface treatment—making the rope less likely to untwist or kink while giving it a stronger crush resistance than lay ropes. Generally, they are fully lubricated to protect the rope from rust and corrosion. Also available in USA-made.

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