19x19 Compacted Bright Wire Rope (Rotation Resistant)

19x19 Compacted bright (Rotation resistant)

19x19 bright compacted wire rope maintains its rotation resistance without compromising wire rope strength. Compatible with 18x19 constructions, the 19x19 is as spin-resistant as traditional 19x7 crane line, yet offers up some advantages.

Since it’s compacted, the 19x19 is both stronger and tougher, more resistant to crushing on the drum, and spools better. Six strands wrap around the core, while a second layer of twelve outer strands are wrapped in the opposite direction. Considered a Class 2 spin-resistant wire rope, 19x19 offers better spin-resistance than 8-strand rope products (8x19 or 8x25). Best used as a single-part hoist rope or in multi-part systems, but not with a line swivel.

The bright class of industrial wire rope is produced without a surface treatment—making the rope less likely to untwist or kink while giving it a stronger crush resistance than lay ropes. Generally, they are fully lubricated to protect the rope from rust and corrosion. Also available in USA-made.

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