6x37 Bright and Galvanized Fiber Core Wire Rope (IWRC IPS, EIPS, or EEIPS)

6x37 IWRC IPS, EIPS or EEIPS (bright and galvanized fiber core)

Often used in general engineering applications, crane ropes, and hoist ropes, the 6x37 wire rope class comprises either a wire rope core or a fiber core, and is also available with a IWRC (Independent Wire Rope Core). While the wire rope strength of the 6x37 is especially fatigue resistant, the greater number of wires within each strand could make it more susceptible to crushing. However, this can be overcome with the IWRC, and through the use of well-designed sheaves and grooved drums.

Within a fiber core wire rope, the fiber core is made of natural or synthetic fiber, which can provide excellent flexibility and resistance to contact pressure, and can store lubrication to reduce the friction between wire strands effectively.

Available in either bright or galvanized wire rope, the 6x37 features IPS (Improved Plowed Steel), EIPS (Extra Improved Plowed Steel), or EEIPS (Extra Extra Improved Plowed Steel) grade wire rope. Also available in USA-made.

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