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Lifting shackles connect slings, ropes, chains, and other equipment to loads or each other. Metal shackles are the standard choice for lifting, pulling, or rigging operations, while synthetic shackles are soft, flexible, and lightweight, but still provide high strength for pulling or rigging operations.

There are two main shapes/styles of lifting shackle: “D” Shackles (or Dee Shackle) and bow shackles (also known as Omega shackles).

Types include USA-made: anchor shackle, chain/d-shackle, and long-reach shackles. Each of the types come as either round-pin, screw-pin anchor shackle and nut, bolt and cotter pin (made with carbon), glavanized, alloy, or stainless steel—and range in capacity (working load limit) up to 35 tons.

Certain shackle hardware is only intended to support in-line loads.

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