12 Strand Rope: Samson Dyneema Rope from Amsteel

12 Strand (Dynemma,Samson amsteel)

Commonly used as a wire rope alternative, our 12 strand braided rope is an excellent solution for virtually all marine applications where wire is traditionally used. Manufactured by Samson, Amsteel rope is designed to be as strong as steel while having a longer useful lifespan than most wire rope.

The combination of Samson Dyneema rope fiber and Samthane coating help reduce abrasion and tension fatigue for superior wear resistance. Thanks to its lightweight design—roughly 1/7th the weight of its wire counterpart—our 12 strand rope is extremely versatile, easy to splice, and easy to inspect.

An ideal marine rope, 12 strand braided rope is recommended for split-drum winch applications. However, it is not recommended for use on H-bitts, capstans, or cleats if surging or rendering the rope is required.

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