/8” 3-Strand Fall Protection Safety Rope

Safety Rope (5/8 PolyDac 3-strand red line safety rope)

5/8” 3-strand fall protection safety rope is the go-to safety rope for scaffolding and fall protection, usually attached to a mechanism fastened to a safety harness.

Three-strand safety rope is made of braided high-density polyester over a polyethylene core. Three-strand braid rope provides extra strength, lower stretch, and excellent abrasion resistance. It is UV-resistant, and 100% resistant to rot or mildew.

We offer 5/8” 3-strand fall protection safety rope in white with a red tracer, in a 5/8” diameter. Three-strand safety rope has excellent shock absorption and retains its shape after significant stretching. It’s ideal for hand lines, tow lines, morning, and general boating. On land, it’s commonly used for fall-protection purposes, including climbing, tree trimming, guy lines, hoisting operations, and cargo.

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