Double Braid Rope: Nylon Rope, Polyester Rope

Double Braid Rope

Sometimes called “Yacht Braid,” double braid rope features a braided core surrounded by a braided cover, resulting in a torsion balanced construction that helps prevent hockling and maintain dimensional stability. Double braid rope core strength is very high, making it a dependable and versatile option. We offer polyester and nylon varieties.

Double braid marine grade rope is commonly used for dock lines, anchor rope, and mooring, as well as in non-marine applications ranging from tow lines to shock absorbers to horse halters. Combining high strength with elongation, nylon double braid rope is an ideal choice where shock absorbency is required.

Our double braid polyester rope has high strength and a smooth, soft feel making for easy handling and splicing. Double braid polyester rope combines low stretch and high strength, offering dependability and excellent resistance to abrasion. This highly versatile rope is used for a range of applications in the marine industry such as dock line, sailing line, maine and jib sheet line, as well as non-marine applications like underground pulling line, slings, bull ropes, and more.

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