8 Strand Rope: Nylon, Polypropylene 8 Strand Nylon Rope, Hollow Braid Polypropylene Rope

8 strand Rope

8 strand ropes, also known as plaited ropes, are composed of eight strands grouped into four pairs. Because of its construction, 8 strand braided rope takes up far less space than similar 3 strand ropes, resulting in a product with a firm strand formation and full stowage flexibility.

Our offerings include 8 strand nylon rope, as well as 8 strand hollow braid polypropylene rope. 8 strand nylon rope resists rotation under a load, making it an ideal choice for windlass and anchor lines, as well as dock line mooring rope. It is also commonly used by electrical contractors, sky lift operations, and in various commercial applications.

Featuring a hollow braid and flexible diamond weave, 8 strand polypropylene rope is an economical, versatile, and easily spliced braid. Its buoyancy makes it a great option for a range of marine applications, from marking swimming lanes to tying anchor buoys and more. It is resistant to UV, salt, and most chemicals.

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