Solid Braid Rope: Solid Braid Nylon Rope, Solid Braid Polyester Rope

Solid Braid Rope

Solid braid rope takes anywhere from 9 to 18 or more strands of rope and braids them in a lock-stitch pattern. This construction provides a smooth surface that holds its shape under lead and knots well with minimal unraveling.

Solid braid rope stays firm, round, and flexible while resisting abrasion, making it a popular all-around option. They are commonly used on work line and rescue line assemblies, flagpole halyards, and docking lines for smaller water vessels.

We offer solid braid nylon rope as well as polyester rope. Solid braid nylon rope has outstanding shock absorbency and returns to its original length after being stretched. Polyester stretches very little and therefore cannot absorb shocks as well, but has superior resistance to abrasion and sunlight.

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