Mooring Line Rope: 8 Strand Maxiflex Dual Fiber Mooring Line, 8 Strand Superdan Polypropylene Mooring Line

Mooring lines

The best rope for mooring lines will feature high strength and high elongation to absorb shocks, along with features like abrasion resistance, flexibility, and a good grip to make managing the line easier. We offer two varieties of 8 strand mooring rope that achieve these characteristics.

Our maniflex dual-fiber 8 strand mooring rope is a polyester/polypropylene blended line. Alternatively, we also offer a Superdan 8 strand polypropylene rope.

Both of these ropes are buoyant and have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than most other mooring lines. They also offer high resistance to abrasion and chemicals.Both of these 8 strand ropes are commonly used as mooring line rope for larger vessels in a full range of marine environments, from commercial fishing boats to oil tankers and more.

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